Hello World - Clichéd Beginnings and Interruptions

Beginnings are good. Right?

Over the years, I've transitioned from being super excited about ideas at the outset to a more sombre, analytical approach to new problems. Perks of getting older, I guess. True to my (current) nature, I'm going to begin writing under the assumption that this blog will die a premature death. Given the lifespans of my earlier attempts at blogging, it doesn't take a genius to map previous patterns and predict the untimely demise of this blog, sooner rather than later.

So, every essay I write here will be independent of others, and will be relevant even if the blogging does cease at some point. I may dabble in the most diverse set of topics and may switch from one extreme to another between posts at will. I may not adhere to everyone's standards of political correctness and my views may, at times, be based on my hypotheses and gut instincts. There will be no specified frequency of posting. The writing will be set in a conversational tone - it's much easier for me to write like I speak. These rules (or lack, thereof) will reduce further barriers to execution and increase the odds of the project's longevity. Much like life, innit?

Am I excited? Yes. Beginnings still excite me. A sombre, analytical variant of excitement, if you will. Here's hoping you get something useful from my efforts. I'm looking forward to your feedback and knowledge - feel free to indulge in debates, advice mongering, mentoring, dignified mud slinging, and more. Let's band together as a community of high performers and get this PARTAYY started!